SEO Consulting

SEO is actually Website Optimization, not Search Engine Optimization because we optimize the website according to the Search Engines, not vice versa!

Why do you need an SEO Consultant?

 – SEO helps you to drip feed your customers at each step in the funnel.

 – 90.63% of content gets no traffic from Google (be in the 9.37%).

– 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results (SEO is not dead, yet!).

Why Choose us? Because we have a unique approach for doing SEO:

1. Data Approach

We use real data to prioritize SEO tasks. If your website’s functionality is breaking, we will start with fixing it first rather than taking the On-page/Off-page approach!

2. Not Just X number of Keywords

We don’t limit ourselves to X number of keywords. Our ultimate goal is to position your brand as the authority for the topics searched related to your business

3. We Track Metrics that Matter

We track metrics that make a difference like Revenue, Average Ranking Improvement, Organic Traffic, & Increase in clicks from non-branded queries

4. Unified Process

We have a uniform process for executing SEO tasks. A year experienced SEO analyst would do the same thing as our SEO lead

5. We Breathe SEO

Quality Raters Guidelines is the holy book of our SEO team!

Case Study

400% increase in organic traffic without building a single link.


Let’s Talk

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