Does Keyword in Your Subdomain Name Affect SEO?

What are Subdomains?

Subdomains are basically a subset of the main domain.

If we take,

Then “.com” is a TLD or a first-level domain,” is a second-level-domain and

“” becomes a third-level domain.

Webmasters occasionally refer to third-level domains as subdomains.

Example: If your domain is

Then your subdomain will be

“blog” here is a subdomain of “”. At the same time, “” is the root domain for “blog”

Suppose you have a global website, which delivers product to most of the nation. But to manage the website on just a single domain will be quite hectic. So, the solution for this can be creating a subdomain for each country, that way you can manage the subdomains of each country easily.

Keywords in Subdomain

For using a subdomain on your website you need to register it first because it is a new domain. Unlike a subfolder, it is considered as a separate domain by the Search Engines

Does using a Keyword in Subdomain Matters in SEO?

Short keywords used in a subdomain can impact rankings, but make sure you don’t stuff it.

Subdomains are created to simplify the website’s layout structure. It becomes really easy to manage your website by using subdomains.

The best thing you can do is: create subdomains for targeting local areas in different cities/countries because every subdomain is seen as a different entity by Google.

When you are using subdomains to differentiate between different country pages, make sure to let Google and other search engines know about it by using “href alternative” tags. There are a lot of ways in which you can declare these tags on your website. Check out this guide by Moz on Internationalisation, it covers everything in detail.

For Example: If you have a lifestyle e-commerce website & you notice that a particular city has a good amount of interest in your featured products. Create a subdomain for that city & start doing SEO for it, because overall optimizing your website for just a specific local area, is not advisable. The subdomain will rank & you’ll get some link juice from the main domain.

Subdomains are a great way to organize your website and it comes really handy to manage blogs. Use them to manage your website in a perfect way.

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